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Beginning the summer of 2015, my practice became dedicated to babies and mothers.  I have enjoyed the many years of working with individuals in all phases of life but after 11 years of practice, I turned my attention towards the areas in which I specialize.  I have spent countless hours collecting information on the best practices to support physiological birth, breastfeeding and a restorative postpartum.  In my practice, postpartum covers the three years after birth that involves radical changes in alignment, tissue healing and body reverence.  One-on-one sessions and group classes for babies and their caregivers will continue to be available with greater ease in scheduling. 

What is a session like?

I offer sessions in my private studio located at the CFC Business Plaza in the historic Showers Building.  You can expect that your session will begin on time and you will not be rushed in sharing your questions, concerns or history with me.  Your session begins when you get on the massage table, not when you walk in the door.  It is worth your time and mine to connect before your session begins.  You determine the goals of your session and I will use my skills to meet those goals to the best of my ability.

Where is your office located?

Flora Massage and Wellness Services is in Suite 104 of the CFC Business Plaza, located in the historic Showers Building.   You may know the Showers Building from the Bloomington Farmer's Market, Downtown Recylcing or the B-Line Trail.   There is free two-hour parking for CFC Business Plaza customers. 

Do you offer relaxation, deep tissue or sports massage?

While I hope that my sessions are relaxing and restorative for my clients, my work is specifically oriented towards women in their childbirthing years and their babies or for individuals seeking a greater understanding of their body, mind, spirit connection.   If you are looking for a spa experience, deep tissue work or assistance in recovering from a sports related injury, there are many skilled massage therapists in the Bloomington area who can meet your needs.

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