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Infant Massage Sessions

Private sessions are useful for babies experiencing difficulties with feeding, digestion or overall comfort.  Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes, though the actual hands-on time will vary for each child.   l use a variety of gentle techniques to soften tissue restrictions and parents will be instructed in a variety of massage techniques to use with their baby.  I never massage babies who are not in an emotional space to receive touch, which is why we work slowly.  Baby often goes back and forth between me and the parent to find his/her grounding point.  I will often work with babies while they are nursing, in a parent's arms, on the massage table, on my lap or in my arms. 


I use a variety of techniques based on the needs of each baby including infant massage, reflexology, acupressure, myofacial release techniques and craniosacral therapy.  Parents are given homework to do between sessions in order to minimize the number of sessions.  I find that parents are intuitive with their touch and together we can help their babies transition to life outside the womb.

TummyTime!™ Classes

Tummy time is recommended for all babies but is especially helpful for babies who have difficulty with breastfeeding, digestion, tongue tie, reflux, colic, plagiocephaly or torticollis. In tummy time your baby is guiding her/his process with your help, minimizing the need for outside expertise or therapies.


TummyTime!™ classes are for newborns to pre-crawlers. Parents will learn how to help their babies experience comfort in tummy time. Additionally, they will learn baby yoga holds, acupressure, reflexology and basic massage skills.

What are babies doing in tummy time?

  • Lengthening & strengthening muscles

  • Developing spatial awareness

  • Releasing tissue restrictions

  • Enhancing digestive function

  • Communicating, playing & bonding

What Parents Say


Melissa was great! She really took time to get to know my baby, then sent us home with some great exercises. It really helped us connect and have a positive nursing experience." 

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